Steele Wool Farm

We are committed to producing food for you that is healthy, respects animals, and protects or improves the environment...”

- Marg Steele

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Steele Wool Farm
38689 Moncrieff Rd. R.R. 3
Blyth, ON
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New Beginnings

You may have seen us on Facebook; now we are starting our own website!

Steele Wool Farm is a family farm located in Huron County. Our flock spends Spring, Summer and Fall out on the pasture. As long as there is green grass, the sheep are on it!  Grass fed lamb is full of good things!

Taking Orders Now: Fresh From Grass Lamb

The lambs are coming off the pasture now, so it is time to stock your freezer with a  half or whole lamb. Not sure what you want? Give  us a call or email for some suggestions on what cuts will work best for you.

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